Ahmad Imam

Director – Metropole Sydney

Ahmad Imam

«I’ll help you create long-term wealth by building a quality asset base of investment grade properties, that will fast track your financial independence.»

At Metropole Property Strategists we understand that each client has unique circumstances and so we are committed to providing you with the highest standard of personalised service.

Our Core Focus is building the long-term wealth of our clients by assisting them in the strategic selection, financing, acquisition and management of their investment properties.


Ahmad is a highly skilled wealth strategist and a passionate property investor. He has a degree in Commerce, is a licensed estate agent and qualified property investment advisor and has personally coached and educated hundreds of clients to create wealth through property.

With a strong focus on ethics, Ahmad takes pride in empowering his clients by helping define their goals, determining an investment strategy suited to their circumstances, and then assisting them to build their portfolio - one property at a time.