If you’re like me you were told from very young age that if you want to succeed at something – be it sport, school or a musical instrument – that you must put in time, hard work and importantly, practice. Most of us learnt our times tables by repeating them over and over – practicing


Just because you’ve taken the leap from homeowner to property investor, doesn’t mean your financial fortune is assured. In fact, it doesn’t even mean that you will start making a profit in the short term, or that you are on your way to owning a sizeable portfolio. The reality is around 20% of those who


I’ve found that for most property investors to change their level of wealth, they must change.  Rather than disagree, please humour me for a moment and read on… Sometimes we love change and sometimes we hate it. In fact some of us love to change and others fear it. Why is change difficult for many of us?


After all these years in property I’m still surprised at how investors decide which property to buy, but it doesn’t surprise me why so many don’t get past their first or second property. You see… many buy for emotional reasons and while others think they’re investing in property, for some they’re really speculating. By definition,