Investing in property is inherently a risky game.  No matter whether you’re a veteran investor or a rookie, certain risks remain – but they shouldn’t stand in your way of making a lot of money through investing in real estate!  To be a successful investor you should have a basic understanding of risk, because it


If you’ve been reading my blogs you’ve heard it before. But the message is so important I’m going to tell you again… Everyone has good and bad habits. Another way to put it is we all have rich and poor habits. It’s no big secret that having more rich habits than poor ones will make


Although we are all in the same country, there are many differences and nuances when it comes to the property market from state to state. These differences are wide and varied and range from different laws, culture and even climate. Here are my top 5 things that people need to understand before buying in Brisbane;


The latest housing market results showed conditions continuing to moderate in the capital cities, particularly in Sydney. But the Melbourne market remains resilient, and Hobart continues its current winning streak, with dwelling values surge 14.3% higher over the last 12 months. The effects of macro prudential controls on investment are also clear, with increased first home buyer