The latest housing market results showed dwelling values held firm nationally, with capital city dwelling values nudging higher over the month, while regional values slipped lower. With the spring selling season kicking off in September, it will be interesting to monitor the impact of higher inventory levels on the market. We’ve included the national property


Do you want to know a secret? Generations of Australians were taught to get a good job, buy a home and pay off their mortgage because they were told they’d be looked after in retirement by the government. Now that was supposed to mean the pension would be there for them in their twilight years.


The combined capital city index recorded another rise in July. Overall growth and residential property values remains healthy, but at a combined capital city level it’s not quite as strong as what it was a year ago. It’s anticipated the market will continue to see values rise it’s expected that the rate of growth will continue to


When I first started investing people had a personal relationship with their bank managers, but things have changed significantly over the last few decades. The fact is when you go into a bank, you are on your own when it comes to your own financial interests. Everyone may be friendly and eager to help when you walk