National Housing Market Update  | December 2018

Australian dwelling values continued to trend lower last month, with the CoreLogic hedonic home value index recording its weakest month-on-month change in dwelling values since the Global Financial Crisis. Core Logic has released their newest housing market update for December 2018. National dwelling values slipped 0.7% lower the month, led by larger falls in Sydney

The top 4 New Year money resolutions you should be making

As we head towards the end of 2018 — can you believe another year has passed so quickly — it’s a good time to sit back and look at how your money is working for you. How have you gone with your finances this year? Did you achieve the savings goals you set out to

When is the right time to buy a property?

You know those people who are always waiting for the optimal time to buy a property? They either wait and wait until everyone else starts buying or they wait and wait and ultimately do nothing at all. The thing is each  of those strategies is as silly as each other. You might think that is a

Beware of the new breed of property experts

It seems we have become a nation of “experts.” Just check your inbox or turn on the television and there they are.