Baby boomers are often touted as one of Australia’s most prosperous generations. They are living longer than previous generations, retiring later, and are commonly labelled as the beneficiaries of Australia’s growing property market. But according to the latest research,  a third of Australian baby boomers won’t be able to afford their retirement.


What’s next for interest rates? I thought they had bottomed and was planning to lock in a portion of our loans on fixed rates at the current low rates a week or so ago. Maybe I’m lucky I didn’t as now there is evidence they may fall further or at least they will remain low


We’ve enjoyed a few good years in property but now as this real estate cycle matures and uncertainty surrounds the extent of the potential for future capital growth, it’s appropriate to remember that it is not so much the outside world that defines our success, but the place we take in us as investors.


According to the ABS, Australia’s population grew by 1.73% in the year to December 2013. While this doesn’t sound like much in percentage terms, it is a population increase of 396,200 in the last year. Our current population increase is the equivalent of one new Coffs Harbour every 8 weeks, or one new Gold Coast every