Five behaviours that will change your life

I’m not one to believe in quick fixes or overnight successes. In fact I think hard work, healthy habits and a strong long-term plan are the real crucial elements of success. These things won’t bring you success overnight, but lasting success isn’t the kind that arrives overnight. It involves hard work, dedication, and a commitment to

4 property investment tax mistakes to avoid

The end of the financial year has now come and gone but investors still need to plan for the year ahead. Some investors look forward to this, while others try to ignore it for as long as possible. Why is that? In my experience, those investors who file their tax returns sooner rather than later

4 Harsh Realities about Property Investing Every Newbie Should Know

So after a few years of hard work, you’ve got a neat little fund set up, and you know that one of the best long-term ways to invest your money is to put it in property. You’ve heard the success stories of million-dollar portfolios, of investors who have managed to retire early on high-growth properties

Most common property goals. How do you compare?

Have you ever wondered what property goals the average investor is striving to achieve? And whether your goals are conservative or ambitious by comparison? Well I’m going to give you a peek behind the scenes into the 2 most common property goals I hear from beginning investors and the 2 most common property goals I