Welcome to Metropole’s Private Wealth Portal

At Metropole we help our clients grow, protect and pass on their wealth through strategic advice. Our services include:

  • Strategic Property Investment Advice
  • Wealth Advisory
  • Financial Planning
  • Property Renovations and Development
  • Property Management
  • Assisting Buying or Selling your Home

Why are we asking so many questions?

The process of providing advice may seem simple, but it’s the result of carefully gathering the right information, so before we can make any recommendations to help you achieve your future financial goals we need to consider your current financial situation and explore what you would like to achieve in the future.

This means we need to ask you a few questions, so please take the time to complete this Financial Fact Find.

Sorry, this will take a little time and may at first seem a bit daunting, but it will enable us to start analysing your financial situation before your first meeting with us. This will save you time and allow us to focus more specifically on your needs during our time together and then provide solutions that are appropriate for you and your family.

However, the collection of this information is in no way Metropole providing or intending to provide you with Financial Advice which would need to be under the appropriate licences and ASIC legislation. Any discussions or findings under this document is general information only.

If you’d like to understand how we deal with your financial information you can read our privacy policy here [link to privacy policy page – detailed at the end of this document].

Some tips on complete this Financial Fact Find

  • If you don’t have all the details, please complete the form as well as you can. You can save your work and return later to complete the details.
  • Any recommendations we give you will be based on the answers you provide now, and in any further discussions we have, so please update us if your circumstances change.
  • Required fields will have an asterisk (*) on them so you must provide an answer to these questions when they appear.
  • The best way to fill in a currency field is without the comma, for example: $50000. Don’t worry if you don’t have the exact dollar amounts– a rough idea is far better than no information at all.
  • Please work through this Financial Fact Find page by page and on the last page simply click on the “Submit” button and we’ll be notified that your Financial Fact Find is ready for us.
  • By completing this Financial Fact Find (or providing details to your adviser to complete the Financial Fact Find), you consent to Metropole collecting, using and disclosing your personal information for these purposes.
  • If you are having any problems, please reach out to us at [email protected] and we will help to solve it for you.

If you think about it…if you don’t know your starting point, how can you commence any journey. And if we don’t understand your starting point and your eventual final destination, how can we point you in the right direction.

So just click on the “Get Started HERE” button and you’ll be on your way.

We look forward to exploring your answers and being part of your wealth creation journey.

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