Are you still interested in using the services of Metropole Wealth Advisory.

A while ago you showed interest in having a chat with Ken Raiss and learn if our services could help you.

A lot has changed in the world since then, hasn’t it. To help you understand the suitability of our services we’d like you to watch two videos and complete a 9 Point Wealth Scorecard.

Generally these are reserved for clients who are about to see Ken for a Suitability Call – to see if we can help them.

Since you showed an interest in our services, we thought it would be a worthwhile investment of your time as Michael Yardney explains a framework describing your future and Ken Raiss explains how he helps his clients at a deeper level. You see…there a lot more that Ken and his team do than just tax, structuring or estate planning.

You may find it interesting to complete the 9 point Wealth Scorecard at the bottom of this page to help you judge where you are on your journey to growing and protecting your wealth. It only takes 2 minutes.

What does your financial future hold in store for you?

Currently there is a lot of uncertainty in the world, and in this video our founder and CEO, Michael Yardney, explains how strategic investors are thinking and what they are doing to position themselves to set themselves up for future success

As you watch this powerful message, check and see which line or trajectory you are on. (Play time: 11 minutes.)

Here’s the system Metropole Wealth Advisory uses to help you gain Direction, Clarity and Results.

Please make sure you watch this video as Ken Raiss outlines the framework that his team at Metropole Wealth Advisory uses to help you get:

  1. Wealth producing rates of return and growth for your business, professional practice or property portfolio
  2. Security
  3. More choices in your life

When you chat with Ken, he will then take this model a few steps further once he has learned about your personal circumstances, your goals and your timeframes. (Play time: 17 minutes.)

Check out your progress using our 9 Point Scorecard

This will help you understand how well you are currently using the 9 Wealth Accelerators.

Please complete your personal scorecard (it will only take 2 minutes) by clicking here 

Please complete your personal scorecard