Use our proven 8-step strategic
approach to property investing to secure your financial future.

1. Benefits of investing in property with Metropole

2. The 360° Metropole Property Investment Strategy

3. Expats & Foreign Investors

4. Our Service Guarantee

5. What our clients say

How Metropole can help you buy an investment property

1. Benefits of investing in property with Metropole

  • We level the playing field because we represent you and not the seller.
  • Our research saves you money, our experience saves you time and our skills reduce your stress.
  • We have no properties for sale but have access to every property on the market, including the silent sales.
  • Our impartiality guarantees that you obtain the best property at the best price.
  • Our specially worded purchase conditions will protect you and could save you thousands when buying.

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The 360° Metropole Property Investment Strategy

2. The 360° Metropole Property Investment Strategy

We’ve helped thousands of Australians become financially free through independent & unbiased property and wealth advice, and we can do the same for you using our proven 8 step strategic approach. Metropole’s 360° system has stood the test of time.

While Metropole provides a full range of professional services, you can choose to use some of our services or the complete “one stop shop”. We will customise a solution to meet your specific investment needs.

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Property investment in Australia for foreigners and expats

3. Expats & Foreign Investors

We specialise in helping overseas buyers (expats and foreign investors) find their investment property or dream home in Australia.

Whether you are looking for a home or a top performing investment property we have the local knowledge and expertise, plus a strong network legal, finance and accounting contacts across Australia to assist you.

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Our Service Guarantee

4. Our Service Guarantee

Over the last few years the Metropole have probably bought more properties for its clients than any other buyer’s agent in Australia.

Our post-purchase survey of hundreds of clients from all walks of life found that 97% were very happy with our service. We were unable to find exactly what the other 3% wanted. In these cases while these clients paid an initial engagement fee, they were not charged any additional purchase fee.

You see, if you’re not 100% satisfied with our service at any time, we will release you from our agreement without penalty or hard feelings or the requirement to pay any extra.

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What our clients say

5. What our clients say

Look at a very small sample of the many, many testimonials the Metropole has from our many satisfied clients…

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In their words

Holland Park, Brisbane

Buyer's agency

Buyer's agency

"Holland Park, Brisbane."

A seasoned investor was looking to add an investment-grade property to their portfolio.

Given their time frame and passive income goal requirements, and after factoring in their existing portfolio, the recommendation was to purchase a property in Brisbane with development potential.

Property was purchased in 3/2020 for $832,500 and appraised in 6/2021 for $975.000 – $1,025,000.

Aspley, QLD

Buyer's agency

Buyer's agency

"Aspley, QLD."

First time purchaser who was undecided between purchasing her first home or and investment.

Strategy options were discussed and it was concluded that the best strategy for her was to rentvest.

We found her a neat and tidy house that was immediately tenantable in Brisbane’s inner ring, and that she could add some value to at a later point.

Purchased in 11/2019 for $571,500 and appraised in 9/2021 for $800,000 – $850,000.

Apartment purchase

Buyer's agency

Chifley, NSW

"Apartment purchase."

Our Sydney Buyers agent team helped a couple relocating from Melbourne to Sydney due to work.

Our clients preferred the Sydney Eastern Suburbs as they had a boat and wanted to get out onto the water but didn’t think they could afford a home close to the ocean and to the city, and thought they would have to live further out, but we surprised them with what we found.


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