At Metropole Wealth Advisory we provide tailored strategic wealth advice for high net worth individuals and their families, professionals and business owners

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1. Grow your wealth

2. Pass on your wealth

3. Protect your wealth

Grow your wealth

1. Grow your wealth

We assist our clients to maximise their wealth through the:

  • Wealth creation and management strategies
  • Tax planning – no one should pay more tax than they need to
  • Financial planning and cash flow management
  • Self Managed Superannuation Funds
  • Property strategies and portfolio reviews
  • Business advisory

Pass on your wealth

2. Pass on your wealth

This is how we assist our clients to pass on their wealth:

  • Estate Planning – this is different for everyone and particularly important if you have a blended family
  • Succession planning – a strategy for identifying and developing future leaders

Protect your wealth

3. Protect your wealth

We assist our clients to protect their assets through:

  • Tax Advisory
  • Asset protection structures
  • Insurance
  • Business risk management and structures


A guide to understanding ownership structures and trusts

Learn how using the correct ownership structures could enable you to:

  • Pay less tax,
  • Have more protection
  • Create more wealth, and
  • Optimise opportunities for your future
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What our clients say
Theo Gotsis

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the whole team in the Metropole group for the incredible work they do.

I have been so impressed by them that along the way I have used their Strategy and Wealth Advisory services (in fact, it all started with these), Michael’s mentorship program, and moved my whole portfolio across to their Property Management team to provide a truly holistic approach to my investment strategy.

It goes without saying that I especially would like to thank Michael for his incredible knowledge and experience, and his mindset messages which are priceless.

L. Lim

I have worked with other accounting specialists but none have been as insightful or knowledgeable as Ken. I learned so much from him. 

He blows my mind – he is so creative in the way he can develop an airtight strategy – he looks at your situation from every perspective. I can see why he is in high demand. He has helped me so much in my moving forward. 

Paul M.

My real challenge before meeting with Ken Raiss from Metropole Wealth Advisory was getting good tax and property advice from other professionals that I had previously met with. I was after and needed help on my complex tax and property development matters. 

I had previously been looking at different organisations but found it difficult to find the right person who had the understanding and expertise to help me in my situation. I was hearing the same thing from advisers I was seeing. 

I wanted to engage in an organisation that could teach me something new and give me good solid advice on the more complicated issues, and grow and protect my business. 

I initially came across Ken by listening to his podcasts. I liked what I had heard and decided to contact Metropole Wealth Advisory. 

After I met with Ken I was impressed. I was able to get very helpful advice – some new strategies that I had never heard of before. I feel I now have direction. I feel I have learned a lot from Ken and have a clearer understanding of where I need to go moving forward.