What our clients say

Over the last few years Metropole have probably bought more properties for its clients than any other buyer’s agent in Australia. Our post purchase survey of hundreds of clients from all walks of life found that 97% were very happy with our service. We were unable to find exactly what the other 3% wanted, in these cases they were not charged a purchase fee.

Here is a very small sample of the many, many testimonials Metropole have from our many satisfied clients…

Business Accelerator Mastermind

Jason Greenhalgh

After the coaching process, we definitely have a lot more structure and detail in everything we do. We have more procedures in place and understand our business better than before.

Adam Nobel

I’ve never felt more focused and single minded in terms of what I want and I have a strong commitment to making it happen. Working with Mark has increased that focus even more. I feel I have learned so much in the time so far I have spent working with Mark and have received fabulous advice.  

Working together has had an immediate positive impact as I can clearly see the steps required in terms of what I need to do in order to get closer to each goal. Marks advice has also given me confidence and clarity in areas where there isn’t necessarily one way to go. The program is helping me to improve and work on my focus, clarity, confidence, self-belief and corporate culture.

The main benefit of the program to me is Having a soundboard that I have enormous faith in. I’ve never been more excited about getting my teeth into it. 

Lee & Scott Salisbury

Once we met Mark and spoke to him in person, we were both comfortable and confident in his approach and the decision to join his coaching program was easy. Mark and his team are always available as a sounding board for my ideas, are supportive and give great feedback. 

Kevin Turner

Working with mark Creedon has had a dramatic impact on our profitability as we are now much more focused on the revenue generating areas of our business. We are more driven, and have a clearer vision and a better plan. Coaching with Mark has made me feel much more positive about my business. 


Buying a home

Val & Elsa
Brighton East VIC

We’re absolutely thrilled! Thanks to the team at Metropole, we bought our first home in one of Melbourne’s most prestige suburbs, one we hadn’t even considered. We didn’t think we could live in such a great suburb. You gave us the confidence we required to make a buying decision and took care of everything along the way. We highly recommend your home-buying services. 

Dr Amanda S.
Malvern VIC

Buying a house is such an emotional journey. Thanks for taking the time to understand my special requirements and explaining all the steps I needed to take along the way… 

Zuzanna Frydel

It was an absolute pleasure to work with the Metropole team on purchasing my first property in Australia. Dennis Klapas made the process very enjoyable, smooth, and well-coordinated. The property I purchased is a real treasure, much more than I was expecting to get.

Dennis was very professional with searching for and checking the properties for me. He made a thorough analysis of the property itself and the neighborhood before he recommended it for me to inspect. I really felt he tried to find the place I will be 100% satisfied with and he acted in my best interest.

I strongly recommend Metropole to anyone looking for professional help with property purchases. I will definitely involve the Metropole team whenever I need help with property in the future.


Mentorship Program

Metropole Constructions


As a qualified construction project manager with over 25 years of experience involved in both the design & building of high end dwellings, I am critical of a builders ability to deliver not only to specification but also to a high level of quality & detail. I was recently engaged by a client to manage a dual occupancy project in Bentleigh that was awarded to Metropole Constructions. Involved from inception to completion I can attest to the builders abilities each step of the process & attention to resolving each challenge along the way. The project was completed above expectation. 

I have since engaged Metropole Constructions directly to build a luxury home for a client in Caulfield South. 

I am satisfied to recommend Metropole to any discerning investor or home builder, Greg Hankinson & his team are both professional & approachable. 


I would like to take this opportunity to thank the whole team at Metropole Group for the incredible work they do. Words alone simply do no justice to the work they do for their clients. 

I have recently finished a development project with their Construction team and they were simply fantastic. The whole team were very professional, knowledgeable in what they do, in the markets, answered all my questions in a timely fashion along the way and have made the whole process seem so much more incredibly easy. The quality of workmanship and finish’s inside and out exceeded my expectations. That is impressive. 

I would recommend them without hesitation. 

Graeme and Julia

Metropole found a property for us that was off market, helped design 2 houses to replace the existing home and then through Metropole Constructions built the houses. The whole process was seamless, and we are thrilled with the outcome that we have been able to achieve together. Fiona Marshall, our project manager, kept us well informed throughout the construction process and Greg Hankinson, Director of Metropole Constructions and our builder, was a delight to work with. 

 If there was a problem, we didn’t find out about it until it had been fixed. We couldn’t recommend them highly enough. Having initially engaged Metropole to manage a rental property for us, we have now worked with them to buy, design and construct. We have been made to feel very much a part of the Metropole family. Should you intend to invest with Metropole it will be money well spent. 


Property Development

Trevor & Debbie Watson-Smith

Being busy, hard working Retail business owners for the past 20 years we had relied on our Financial Planner to control our investments, mainly in a Share Portfolio. Two years ago we realised we were not getting the wealth growth we needed for retirement. 

 We started going to Property Investment Seminars and joined a Property Investment Group who advised us to buy two new properties interstate and an Off the Plan apartment also interstate. This created so much coordination for us going through an interstate Buyer’s Agent, Broker and Solicitor and relaying all this information back to our local Accountant and Financial Advisor.   We thought how much easier it would be if they all knew each other and worked in together. 
We then went to a Metropole Property Investment Seminar and were impressed with the strategies and proven concepts Michael spoke about.  We also realised many mistakes we had made and agreed we needed a Financial Assessment from Metropole. 

 Michael explained the best way to create capital growth for us was by doing a Property Development.  We attended Metropole’s 3 day Property Renovation and Development Workshop and learnt so much and were convinced that with Metropole’s knowledge and experience we were very ready to start a property development. 

 Within weeks David had sourced a suitable property in East Bentleigh and due diligence done we managed to buy off market at a very good price.  Over the past month we have had several personal phone calls from Michael and his professional team and we really feel that they have a genuine interest in helping us achieve our goals. 

We have been listening to the audio tapes and reading Michaels books and are very keen on educating ourselves as quickly as possible. 

We are extremely excited about our property development and look forward to working with Metropole on further property projects and wealth creation concepts. 
Thanks Metropole we know we are with the right team and on the right path now! 


Property Investment

Property management

Wealth advisory

Theo Gotsis

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the whole team in the Metropole group for the incredible work they do.

I have been so impressed by them that along the way I have used their Strategy and Wealth Advisory services (in fact, it all started with these), Michael’s mentorship program, and moved my whole portfolio across to their Property Management team to provide a truly holistic approach to my investment strategy.

It goes without saying that I especially would like to thank Michael for his incredible knowledge and experience, and his mindset messages which are priceless.

L. Lim

I have worked with other accounting specialists but none have been as insightful or knowledgeable as Ken. I learned so much from him. 

He blows my mind – he is so creative in the way he can develop an airtight strategy – he looks at your situation from every perspective. I can see why he is in high demand. He has helped me so much in my moving forward. 

Paul M.

My real challenge before meeting with Ken Raiss from Metropole Wealth Advisory was getting good tax and property advice from other professionals that I had previously met with. I was after and needed help on my complex tax and property development matters. 

I had previously been looking at different organisations but found it difficult to find the right person who had the understanding and expertise to help me in my situation. I was hearing the same thing from advisers I was seeing. 

I wanted to engage in an organisation that could teach me something new and give me good solid advice on the more complicated issues, and grow and protect my business. 

I initially came across Ken by listening to his podcasts. I liked what I had heard and decided to contact Metropole Wealth Advisory. 

After I met with Ken I was impressed. I was able to get very helpful advice – some new strategies that I had never heard of before. I feel I now have direction. I feel I have learned a lot from Ken and have a clearer understanding of where I need to go moving forward.