What our clients say

Over the last few years Metropole have probably bought more properties for its clients than any other buyer’s agent in Australia. Our post purchase survey of hundreds of clients from all walks of life found that 97% were very happy with our service. We were unable to find exactly what the other 3% wanted, in these cases they were not charged a purchase fee.

Here is a very small sample of the many, many testimonials Metropole have from our many satisfied clients…

Buying a home

Val & Elsa
Brighton East VIC

We’re absolutely thrilled! Thanks to the team at Metropole, we bought our first home in one of Melbourne’s most prestige suburbs, one we hadn’t even considered. We didn’t think we could live in such a great suburb. You gave us the confidence we required to make a buying decision and took care of everything along the way. We highly recommend your home-buying services. 

Dr Amanda S.
Malvern VIC

Buying a house is such an emotional journey. Thanks for taking the time to understand my special requirements and explaining all the steps I needed to take along the way… 

Zuzanna Frydel

It was an absolute pleasure to work with the Metropole team on purchasing my first property in Australia. Dennis Klapas made the process very enjoyable, smooth, and well-coordinated. The property I purchased is a real treasure, much more than I was expecting to get.

Dennis was very professional with searching for and checking the properties for me. He made a thorough analysis of the property itself and the neighborhood before he recommended it for me to inspect. I really felt he tried to find the place I will be 100% satisfied with and he acted in my best interest.

I strongly recommend Metropole to anyone looking for professional help with property purchases. I will definitely involve the Metropole team whenever I need help with property in the future.