Latest Renovation Case Studies


Our client’s strategy was to secure either a villa unit or townhouse in need of full renovation assisting manufacturing capital growth, along with being in a strong owner occupied growth area, close to excellent schools and public transport.

The property met all the criteria for a strong long term investment having been tightly held since the 80s and in original condition prime for renovation


We purchased this 2 story 3 bedroom townhouse for our client off market. It was very tired, but after the $90,000 renovation the value of the property increased close to $200,000 and the rent increased by 15%.


We helped our client purchase this villa unit for well under the market price. After the renovation that maximised on the fantastic floor plan, the property increased in value considerably and rented very quickly at a significantly higher rental.

St Kilda West

Our client was looking to buy and renovate. We identified the opportunity of a two-bedroom apartment with a terrible interior condition but in a great location. After renovation, the property’s worth increased by $150,000 and it achieved a  significantly higher rent.


A complete internal renovation of this villa unit that we purchased for a client included a new installing a new kitchen and totally upgrading the bathroom. Situated ina. Prime school zone this property is now an excellent long term investment and our client received a quick boost by “manufacturing” capital growth through the renovation.


This property was secured for under market value, this renovation had instant capital growth of up to $100,000, and secured a higher rent and quality tenant.

Mont Albert North

We secured this 2 bedroom unit for our investor off the market with the intention of a undertaking a full renovation. After completion, the renovation increased the property value by  $115,000.