Attaining wealth doesn’t just happen, it’s the result of a well-executed plan.
Planning is bringing the future into the present so you can do something about it now!
When you have a Strategic Property Plan you’re more likely to achieve the financial freedom you desire.

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1. Why bother with a plan

2. Who is this service for?

Why bother with a plan

1. Why bother with a plan

When you have a Strategic Property Plan you’re more likely to achieve the financial freedom you desire because we’ll help you:

  • Define your financial goals;
  • See whether your goals are realistic, especially for your timeline;
  • Measure your progress towards your goals – whether your property portfolio is working for you, or if you’re working for it;
  • Find ways to maximise your wealth creation through property;
  • Identify risks you hadn’t thought of.

And the real benefit is you’ll be able to grow your wealth through your property portfolio faster and more safely than the average investor.

Who is this service for?

2. Who is this service for?

Our Strategic Property Plans are only not for people with so much money, they don’t know what to do with it. Even though they’re the type of people that surround themselves with professional wealth advisors.

Getting a comprehensive property plan can benefit people at all income levels.

It’s for anyone who is interested in building wealth through property investment and who needs some clarity around their next steps.


In their words

Buyer's agency

Melbourne, Paul & Valerie

"Metropole gave us a lot more clarity."

Paul & Valerie were looking for a partner rather than just a service to invest in a new property. They feel that Metropole has helped them to ‘remove the blinkers’ and give them confidence to invest into a property development outside of their suburb and in fact in a different city.

Buyer's agency

Brisbane, Tim Jack

"We had a direction, but did not know how to get there."

The team at Metropole helped Tim purchase a property in Stafford, Brisbane with a future potential to develop multiple properties.

Buyer's agency

Brisbane, Grace Judd

"Their knowledge far outweighs our own."

Grace tried to secure the right property herself, but then quickly realised how much time, research and effort it was costing her. What’s more she realised that there were simply parts of the property investment process that she did not know and understand. Listen how Grace shares her experience and what happened when she contacted the team at Metropole.


A guide to understanding ownership structures and trusts

Learn how using the correct ownership structures could enable you to:

  • Pay less tax,
  • Have more protection
  • Create more wealth, and
  • Optimise opportunities for your future

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