What our clients say

Over the last few years Metropole have probably bought more properties for its clients than any other buyer’s agent in Australia. Our post purchase survey of hundreds of clients from all walks of life found that 97% were very happy with our service. We were unable to find exactly what the other 3% wanted, in these cases they were not charged a purchase fee.

Here is a very small sample of the many, many testimonials Metropole have from our many satisfied clients…

Business Accelerator Mastermind

Jason Greenhalgh

After the coaching process, we definitely have a lot more structure and detail in everything we do. We have more procedures in place and understand our business better than before.

Adam Nobel

I’ve never felt more focused and single minded in terms of what I want and I have a strong commitment to making it happen. Working with Mark has increased that focus even more. I feel I have learned so much in the time so far I have spent working with Mark and have received fabulous advice.  

Working together has had an immediate positive impact as I can clearly see the steps required in terms of what I need to do in order to get closer to each goal. Marks advice has also given me confidence and clarity in areas where there isn’t necessarily one way to go. The program is helping me to improve and work on my focus, clarity, confidence, self-belief and corporate culture.

The main benefit of the program to me is Having a soundboard that I have enormous faith in. I’ve never been more excited about getting my teeth into it. 

Lee & Scott Salisbury

Once we met Mark and spoke to him in person, we were both comfortable and confident in his approach and the decision to join his coaching program was easy. Mark and his team are always available as a sounding board for my ideas, are supportive and give great feedback. 

Kevin Turner

Working with mark Creedon has had a dramatic impact on our profitability as we are now much more focused on the revenue generating areas of our business. We are more driven, and have a clearer vision and a better plan. Coaching with Mark has made me feel much more positive about my business.