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If there’s one thing we know everyone loves to do on a weekend – it’s having brunch, where the coffee is perfect, the food is delicious and the ambiance make you want to stay for hours.

Sydney is certainly never short of amazing cafes, attracting locals every Saturday and Sunday morning with delicious treats and family friendly atmospheres.

Here a look at some of our favourite local cafes around in some of the best Sydney suburbs:


Excelsior Jones

139A Queen St, Ashfield

From classic favourties to unique creations, this cafe has locals lining up for their weekend brunch.

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Gertrude & Alice Cafe

1/46 Hall St, Bondi Beach

Enjoy delicious brunch favourties and superb coffee in a quirky bookshop cafe with old-school charm.

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The Diver Cafe

250 Arden St, Coogee

Dedicated to making the ‘best coffee’ this cafe had brunch devotees coming back every weekend.

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Croydon Park 

Caffettiera Kitchen & Espresso

164 Georges River Rd, Croydon Park

From the perfect coffee to unique breakfast creations, this cafe is a local favourite.

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Bare Naked Bowls

2/41 Market Pl, Manly

This health based cafe specializes in delicious Acai Bowls, Superfood Smoothies, Breakfast Bowls and more delicious healthy treats.

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Frenchy’s Cafe

3 Read Pl, Mosman

Celebrating all things French – you will find the perfect crapes and croissant for a delicious brunch.

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Photos source: Instagram 

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