Thank you for assisting us in purchasing our first investment property . We are really happy with the property as it met all our strict criteria and are especially pleased with the below-market price that you have been able to negotiate for us! 
We decided to engage Metropole as our buyer’s agent after learning more about Michael Yardney and realising that he actually practices what he preaches in his books and seminars and that the organisation behind him employs the same highly knowledgeable and skillful strategies in property investing. 

 So this is a thank-you note—for fast tracking our property portfolio. 
We are experienced property investors from Perth but it wasn’t until meeting with Metropole that we realised the market here is completely different from Perth and we did not have the in-depth local experience that Metropole possesses. After six months of unsuccessful bidding at auctions by ourselves, we then engaged Metropole and secured a nice property within 4 weeks with the help of Metropole. 

 You have been most helpful with answering all our questions regarding the Melbourne property market and your communication has been most friendly and efficient. My wife and I have no hesitation in recommending the team at Metropole.