If you’re looking to sell your home any time in the near future, you might be considering how to increase the value of your property.

Not only can making your property more eco-friendly increase its value, it can also help your property stand out with more and more home buyers concerned about their carbon footprint.

If your property is in an extreme climate, the return on investment of these home improvements will prove to be even more beneficial with the cost of indoor climate control being significantly reduced.

1.  Install smart home technology

Future proofing your property with new technology and automated systems creates a strong first impression for any potential buyers.

Having smart home technology already installed means less work for the buyer, making your property more appealing.

There are a range of things that you can add that will increase energy savings, hence increasing the value of your property.

Smart thermostats allow you to adjust your heating or cooling temperature automatically based on basic scheduling or on your daily coming and going trends.

It’s important to do your research, especially in Australia, to make sure the smart thermostat you buy is suitable with your HVAC system.

Another option to consider is smart lighting.

Though it might not make as drastic of an impact, being able to control your lights from your phone or smart device is a great bonus that can potentially help save on energy.

2.  Switch to high efficiency appliances

Replacing any old appliances is a great idea before putting your house on the market anyway, especially if you’re already planning a kitchen or bathroom renovation.

In Australia, you can also find energy rebates for replacing old appliances.

For instance, eligible NSW households are eligible for a 40% discount on a fridge if you’re replacing one that you’ve owned for over 6 years.

Similarly to smart home technology, switching to high efficiency appliances like dishwashers and dryers will add to energy savings for potential buyers.

3.  Add solar panels

Over the past few years, solar panels have built a positive reputation amongst Australian homes.

Unlike other potentially unnecessary home improvements like adding a pool, every household needs electricity or some form of power.

Though solar panels might not significantly increase the value of your property, with the public well aware of the cost saving and environmental benefits, having solar panels will definitely give your property the edge against properties without solar panels.

4.  Install energy efficient windows

If your house is relatively new, installing energy efficient windows might not offer the best return on investment compared to other home improvement options.

However, if your home could use a window replacement regardless, energy efficient windows can help increase comfort and savings on energy costs.

Heat loss and gain through traditional windows are responsible for about 25-30% of residential heating and cooling energy use.

Energy efficient windows can reflect heat in warmer climates and/or keep heat inside the house in colder climates.

5.  Spruce up the garden

Your garden plays a huge role in your property’s curb appeal, crucial in building any prospective buyer’s first impression.

Adding some simple plants, shrubs and trees requires little effort or money but can bring your property to life.

Landscaping with native plants is a great option since they’re beneficial for the environment and also easier to maintain since the climate naturally supports them.

It’s important to keep the garden easy to manage to attract buyers that might not have a green thumb.

Ultimately, eco-friendly home improvements can definitely be a worthwhile return on investment.

The growing trends in sustainability don’t seem to be coming to a halt any time soon, meaning eco-friendly home improvements will continue to attract potential home buyers.

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