Home remodeling and renovation are very different today than they were just 5 years ago.

Technology has made leaps and bounds in recent years, and the building and construction industry has not been left behind.

From colour selection tools, BIM technology, CAD modelling tools, and even 3D printing technology, home renovation in the last few years has become more high tech than it has ever been.

So how have these technological solutions made the job of a home renovator easier?

1. Custom Design

You can now create your custom designs almost instantly by using your smartphone.

For instance, there are numerous innovative apps that create color palettes from a single image that you feed the app.

All you have to do is take a picture from within the app or upload one and the app will generate a colour palette to match it.

You can then pick the colours you like and purchase the paint to match.

This is just one of the ways technology is making it easier to customize our spaces.

The immense capabilities of custom design technology have made it possible for more people to bravely undertake home renovation projects.

Before, people used to be sceptical about changing the look and feel of their spaces. However, that has all changed.

Since you can visualize what your space will look like before committing to a decision, it is easier to be surer of what you want and initiating more daring renovation projects.

2. Deals and Discounts

Today, businesses run on deals and discounts.

In the home renovation industry, it is so much easier to source the materials you need by doing a quick internet search.

Additionally, if you are looking for great deals and discounts, you can also look online.

One such case is Wayfair, a premier e-commerce website carrying one of the largest online selections of home goods products. Whether is furniture or kitchen appliances, Wayfair is the right place to shop.

That said, what these businesses are doing, they use different algorithms that enable them to ‘monitor’ your activities or track the preferences of the customers, and based on those search demands, they create tailor-made deals or coupons, attracting customers by providing discounts on the exact products that they requested.

This contributes to the financial aspect of easing the home renovation because once you have chosen a product that fits or adds up to your home renovation plan, not being able to pay for it would be a real pity.

Therefore, having a coupon or a certain percentage of discount will probably help you make the purchase.

3. Apps

As the saying goes, there is an app for everything.

The home renovation industry has not been left behind.

From apps that help you consolidate your home’s colour palette, to apps that help you budget your entire renovation project, or even apps that allow you to model your space and place the furniture you need inside virtually so that you can make a decision of what you want before actually buying, there truly is an app for everything in this market.

Such apps have not only made decision making easier, but they have also made home renovation cheaper, faster, and more efficient, with increasingly better results.

4. Internet of Things

The rise of technology is bringing with it winds of change that can no longer be ignored. Newer and better gadgets are no longer enough.

Today, your gadgets can be connected to the internet, and your entire home can be monitored and controlled from your phone.

All you need is a centralized digital hub in your home that links and connects everything from your house locks to your lighting and indoor temperature.

You have ultimate power and control over your entire home.

A great example of the smart home would be the garden irrigation process.

Instead of saving energy and being more efficient, it can also save a lot of water. “The secret to smart systems is the controller.

Smart controllers use weather and/or site data to determine when and how long to water.

Then, sprinklers apply just enough water at exactly the right time in each zone of your yard.

More and more people are becoming aware of the immense possibilities the internet of things holds.

Designers today get asked by their clients to integrate the internet of things hubs and gadgets into their homes. The immense freedom and total control it grants homeowners cannot be matched.

5. 3D Printing

If you want a particular one of a kind decor item that exists nowhere else in the world, it is possible today to design it yourself and 3D print it.

3D printers have changed our idea of what is possible and what is not in the interior design sector.

It is now inexpensive and easy to add a touch of personal style to all your interior spaces by printing customized items to match your style.

6. Funding

It is now so much easier to fund your home renovation project.

For example, if you want to apply for a loan, you do not need to go to a bank and wait in ques for long hours anymore.

There are online lenders on the web and even apps that do away with middlemen and give you the convenience of borrowing from your smartphone.

7. Inspiration

If you are stuck in your creative process, it is time to get inspiration from elsewhere.

Books and magazines are bulky, outdated, expensive, and you can only read so many.

Technological innovations in this space are the answer.

There are several sites and apps that you can consult and gather information from.

Most of these sites even offer a way to catalog your ideas and organizing your research in such a way that it is easy to obtain and showcase.

Technology has made home renovation easier and continues to do so. With more advanced technologies we will see an increased level of freedom and customization.

Eventually, users will have total design freedom over their homes.

Plus, more and more people will be willing to take on more home renovation projects by themselves, instead of outsourcing the job to designers.

This much power given to the masses is a good thing.

It will drive even more innovation in this space, and we can only imagine the sorts of amazing outcomes that will be created because of it.

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