Across Brisbane, the portion of profit-making sales increased to 88.8% in the March 2021 quarter, up 70 basis points from the December quarter.

The portion of profit-making house sales was 96.8% in the March quarter, compared to 70.1% across units. Brisbane continues to see the largest differential between profitability between house and unit sales of the capital cities, at 26.7 percentage points. However, units had a faster increase in the portion of profit-making sales from the December 2020 to the March 2021 quarter, at 220 basis points, compared with 120 basis points across the housing segment.

Across the Brisbane LGAs, the highest rate of profit-making sales was across the Redland Council region, at 94.5%. The highest instance of loss-making sales was across the Brisbane Council region, at 12.9%. Around 67% of these loss-making sales were investor-owned units. The overall rate of loss-making sales across the Brisbane council region increased 10 basis points from the previous quarter.

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