Property and success tips from a property professional — Ken Raiss

I’ve learned many lessons in my multi decade career as a professional wealth advisor. Today I’d like to share two property investment tips and two success tips I would have liked to learn earlier in life. Two property tips 1. Buy the type of property that will be in continual strong demand in the future.

Is insurance really a necessity?

Tuesday, 18 September 2018 by
Is insurance really a necessity?

We put in place insurance for our homes, our furniture, our car, our holidays, and even our pets, but many of us ignore what funds these policies – which is our ability to work to generate income. So, how do you protect your ability to work should unforeseen circumstances like a major illness or injury

4 property investment tax mistakes to avoid

The end of the financial year has now come and gone but investors still need to plan for the year ahead. Some investors look forward to this, while others try to ignore it for as long as possible. Why is that? In my experience, those investors who file their tax returns sooner rather than later

Retirement planning — more than owning your home

While modern life is exceptionally busy, any decent Financial Adviser will tell you that today is the best time to start planning for your retirement; the earlier you plan, the better placed you will be to enjoy it. With life expectancy at its highest recorded level there are a lot of years to fill between

Maximising returns on your property portfolio - a simple deduction

Knowing what tax deductions you’re entitled to claim is key to maximising your return on investment – but that’s only half the battle… We have all heard the old saying about death and taxes being the only two certainties in life. This may not be the case when you take superannuation into account but that

Am I too old to invest in property?

Saturday, 11 August 2018 by
Am I too old to invest in property?

I’ve had conversations with plenty of discouraged folks who are in their 50s (or even older) and they’re wondering how they’re going to survive in their retirement. They start to question if it’s too late to invest in property. Is there ever a time when you’re just too old? In general my response would be

The 10 Property Commandments You Should Know

Australian Tax Office (ATO) data shows that only 9% per cent of investors own three or more properties. So, if property was such a good investment, why do many stop at one? Unfortunately, most people simply buy the wrong property, buy emotively, sell quickly and never buy again, or stubbornly hold onto it hoping things

What you need to know before renting out your home

Thinking of converting your home to an investment property one day? You’re not alone… In my many decades as a tax specialist, I’ve been asked almost every question but some are more common than others. And one of these is: “My spouse and I are thinking of upgrading our home but want to keep our

4 ways to start over again

Friday, 04 May 2018 by
4 ways to start over again

 Sometimes life doesn’t work out the way we would like it to.  Despite our best efforts or best intentions, we find ourselves in strife. Many Australians know what I’m talking about. While we have it pretty good in this country, we’re also a nation up to its eyeballs in debt. If this debt gets out

How to help your children into property

Parents often ask me how they can help their children into property. Some even contemplate giving one of their existing properties to their children. For those more financially free, giving a property while they are still alive so they can see the joy it creates can be very heart-warming. But there are a number of