Maximising returns on your property portfolio - a simple deduction

Knowing what tax deductions you’re entitled to claim is key to maximising your return on investment – but that’s only half the battle… We have all heard the old saying about death and taxes being the only two certainties in life. This may not be the case when you take superannuation into account but that

Am I too old to invest in property?

Saturday, 11 August 2018 by
Am I too old to invest in property?

I’ve had conversations with plenty of discouraged folks who are in their 50s (or even older) and they’re wondering how they’re going to survive in their retirement. They start to question if it’s too late to invest in property. Is there ever a time when you’re just too old? In general my response would be

What makes some properties more valuable than others?

I’ve been in the property investing game for a long while now. Over that time, I’ve tried to educate property investors  about which properties make the best investments. As you may know my strategy – and the strategy that we use for our clients at Metropole – is about only buying investment grade properties. These are

The 10 Property Commandments You Should Know

Australian Tax Office (ATO) data shows that only 9% per cent of investors own three or more properties. So, if property was such a good investment, why do many stop at one? Unfortunately, most people simply buy the wrong property, buy emotively, sell quickly and never buy again, or stubbornly hold onto it hoping things