The latest housing market results showed conditions continuing to moderate in the capital cities, particularly in Sydney. But the Melbourne market remains resilient, and Hobart continues its current winning streak, with dwelling values surge 14.3% higher over the last 12 months. The effects of macro prudential controls on investment are also clear, with increased first home buyer


Put your hand up if you want to be wealthy. Thought so!    Unfortunately, there is no short cut to becoming rich. Trust me, if there was one everyone would have found the route by now and more of us would be retiring early. There are a few things you can do, however, that dramatically


If you think that property investment expenses end once you buy a property, you’re wrong! Investing in property requires an ongoing input of cash – and sometimes it’s when you least expect it. Don’t get me wrong: investment grade property will also deliver more than enough capital growth to make up for the expenses along


Good networking can really make a career.    If you want to be successful, then knowing the right people and getting them to help you when you need it is absolutely vital. But it’s not easy because good networking requires skills and subtlety. Most people know this and so they go about trying to network