When I first started investing people had a personal relationship with their bank managers, but things have changed significantly over the last few decades. The fact is when you go into a bank, you are on your own when it comes to your own financial interests. Everyone may be friendly and eager to help when you walk


I’ve said it before: it’s always been difficult to buy your first property. No matter whether it was the 1960s, 1990s or now, scrimping and saving for that deposit takes discipline and dedication. Now I admit that with property prices in Sydney skyrocketing, saving the necessary funds to buy a property has become harder still.


We’ve all seen those listings that promise that a property will be sold on auction day or before, haven’t we?  The question is: will it really be sold before auction? There are many tools in a selling agent’s kit-bag and one of the most successful is to create competition for a property. More competition means


CoreLogic’s July housing market review a slowdown in the pace of capital gains seen over the most recent three months of data Potentially we may see investment demand deflect to other markets where rental yields are higher and capital gains are earlier in the growth cycle. As the market develops so quickly, it is recommended to