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Big enough to tip the scales in your
favour. Small enough to care.

What would it mean to you if we helped you purchase the home that you and your family want at the right price, before others got it? And then every night when you came home from work you would have a smile on your face and your heart would sing.

That’s what Metropole Home Buyers specialise in. Whether you are planning to upgrade, right-size or buy your first home, we can take the hassle out of the process and save you time.

Since 2000, Metropole have been levelling the playing field, helping Australians from all walks of life with their home buying needs in Melbourne, Sydney & Brisbane.

Here’s How Metropole Can Help You Buy Your Next Home

Here’s How Metropole Can Help You Buy Your Next Home

Here’s How Metropole Can
Help You Buy Your Next Home

Whether it is your first home or your next home, finding your dream home will be much easier with the efficient Metropole team on your side, working for you. Normally buying a home is a major experience, filled with excitement, pleasure, stress, pride and fear and will consume much of your precious time, money and energy.

Our team is here to guide you through the home buying process and help you find the right home, in the right location, at the best possible price. Choosing the right property for you comes down to knowing what you need, knowing what you can afford and knowing exactly what’s available at the time you are ready to buy.

We have access to
every property for sale
As buyers’ agents, we have no properties for sale. But unlike selling agents, we have access to every property on the market, including pre-market and off-market opportunities.
We represent you not
the vendor
The seller has an agent representing their interests. Do you realise this agent knows at least 5 things about the property he doesn't want you to know? You need a property professional on your side to ensure you avoid making expensive mistakes.
Our research & perspective
saves you money
Selecting the right property requires time consuming research & perspective to interpret many factors including past sales results and market influences that would impact future values.
Our experience
saves you time
Searching for the right property takes a considerable amount of time – one of your most precious assets. We do all the leg work and present a shortlist of suitable properties for you to inspect.
Leverage our local
Tap into your local market knowledge. Our professional home buyers have years of property experience in your local area. Their extensive professional network may help you find your dream home faster.
We negotiate on your
Our negotiating skills levels the playing field for you. Metropole home buying agents speak the same language and understand the tricks the selling agents play.
Our skills reduce
your stress
Buying a home can be a very stressful experience. We guide you through the process, coordinating all the support services you need including solicitors, mortgage brokers, building inspectors and other experts to make the process as hassle-free as possible.
Safely purchase
your dream home
We take the time to determine your needs and your long term goals at the beginning of the search process so that we can identify and shortlist properties that meet all your requirements and then safely guide your through the entire property-purchasing process.
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Locations we speciase in

We have local buyers agents, who live and breathe property and know the following local markets like the back of their hand. This gives you the unfair advantage.
If you have a question about your preferred location, don't hesistate to reach out.

How do we compare?

Would you give the keys to your Porsche to a P- Plater?
We didn't think so..
Local Market Knowledge
Having Metropole home buyers on your team ensures the playing field is tipped in your favour. We give you the type of market intel that you just can't buy, but you can hire from us and leverage our extensive local market knowledge, contacts and experience.
Local Market knowledge
It will take years and years for the average buyer’s agent to gain the same level of knowledge that you get from Metropole. Very few have been selling agents in the past.
Experience / Perspective
Metropole’s team has a deep understanding of the real estate market and knows the ins and outs of the diverse property sub-markets. Leverage our expertise and perspective honed over decades to ensure you purchase the right property that will suit not only today but also tomorrow.
Experience / Perspective
No one else in the field has the same level of expertise.
Negotiation Skills
At Metropole we believe our clients deserve to have an upper hand in their property negotiations. Our professional negotiators will work hard to ensure you always pay the best price on terms that suit you.
Negotiation Skills
Most buyer’s agents are no doubt enthusiastic when assisting their clients, but typically don't have years of negotating experience under their belt.
Extensive Network
Having built long standing relationships with a large number of real estate professionals, Metropole provides you with a competitive advantage in early access to all properties on the market as well as pre-market, and off-market opportunities.
Extensive Network
Most buyer’s agents are mostly focused on completing a transaction. They do not have the resources of large teams that can provide multiple services and a wide array of experience.
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Hear from some of our clients

Guidance with a difficult purchase

Anne with her husband who are not originally from Australia wanted to settle in Brisbane. They were looking for someone on the ground to guide them with their purchase, at the same time steering them clear of any red flags such as flood zones and bush fire zones. The team at Metropole have been able to secure the right property for Anne and exceeed her expectations in the process.

Anne, Taringa, QLD

Another off-market great buy

We’ve been able to secure a great home for Tim and his family off-market, through our network. During this process Tim felt that we’ve not only made the right choices for his family, but have also guided and educated him in the process.

Tim, Gordon Park, QLD

Looking for a dream home

Astute home buyers looking for that one in a million place. Tim and Toni had a very strict criteria for our Brisbane team. We were fortunate to secure their dream home off-market – one that ticked all their boxes!

Tim & Toni, Wellington Point, QLD


Our 6 Step Approach
To Buying Your Home

Step 1
Step 1/6
We have an initial free consultation to find out more about your needs and aspirations and allow you to better understand our range of services.
Step 2
Step 2/6
Once we understand your current and future needs we formulate a detailed brief and define your budget.
Step 3
Step 3/6
We then begin researching and searching both on market and off market properties for you.
Step 4
Step 4/6
We present you with a shortlist of suitable properties (as many as it takes) until we’ve found your next home for you.
Step 5
Step 5/6
We then negotiate the purchase of the property for you, or bid at auction on your behalf to secure your next property.
Step 6
Step 6/6
We work with you and your solicitor up until and after the settlement of your property.
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Let Metropole take the hassle and time out of finding your next dream home

The Home Buyers Protection Pack

In this eBook you will learn:

  • How to avoid the top 13 mistakes that home buyers make
  • Tips for researching the market and getting the right advice
  • How to offer the right price on your first home
  • What to expect from agents, planners and the bank
  • What to watch out for when buying an apartment
  • Why having an agent on your side can be your secret weapon
Get our multiple award-winning
team on your side
What our clients say
Val & Elsa
Brighton East VIC

We’re absolutely thrilled! Thanks to the team at Metropole, we bought our first home in one of Melbourne’s most prestige suburbs, one we hadn’t even considered. We didn’t think we could live in such a great suburb. You gave us the confidence we required to make a buying decision and took care of everything along the way. We highly recommend your home-buying services. 

Dr Amanda S.
Malvern VIC

Buying a house is such an emotional journey. Thanks for taking the time to understand my special requirements and explaining all the steps I needed to take along the way… 

Nadia van Dyk
Perth WA

I just wanted to thank you for helping me obtain such a wonderful property with so much potential and meeting all my criteria. 

 I was a little nervous buying a property in another state, which I have no knowledge of and putting my trust in a buyer’s agent. But after discussing my requirements and hearing your suggestions and advice and seeing the property that you came up with, I would not hesitate to recommend Metropole. 
What has impressed me is not only the research that you did for me to find the right property but all the investigations prior to purchase you did to put me at ease. 

 The follow up service post purchase, has also been fantastic like organising access to the property before settlement to start the renovations and all the reminder notes of what to do. Any requests I have made have been followed up promptly. 
All in all everything from finding the right property, the auction bidding and follow up service has been fantastic and your experience and knowledge shows. I will definitely be using your services again in the near future when finance allows. 


Our auction bidding
services for home buyers

Are you tired of missing out on auctions? Worried about bidding too little or too much for that dream property? Are you intimidated by the auction process?

Our bidding services take the hassle and confusion out of the auction process – if you want to make the right bid at the right time, then trust the team with a comprehensive property market experience.

Auction time is full of high-stakes emotions, but it can also be exhausting even if you’ve bought before. Add to this the confusion of the auction process itself – finding the right property in the right location, scoping the competition, navigating the emotional pressures of the auction day, and of course making the right bid.

Scoping the competition, navigating the emotional pressures of the auction day, and of course making the right bid – and you can see why people are looking for a simpler approach.

We use our experience to take the hassle out of auction bidding, with services to help you secure that dream property without breaking the bank.

Wondering whether you
should buy or sell first?

Whether you’re buying a home, selling your property or buying and selling simultaneously, Metropole will partner with you to take care of the whole process, providing end to end guidance and representation.

Metropole Vendor’s Advocacy Service is a special no extra cost service to property sellers shielding you from many of the “hassles” of your sale. We are independent and work for you. We tell you the truth. Are you ready to find the best price for your property?

We can help with a number of services that save you time and achieve the highest selling price:

  • Researching the property markets and your options.
  • Finding the right selling agent for your needs
  • Taking your property to auction
  • and much more…
Let Metropole take the hassle and time out of finding your next dream home